Building condition assessment is a kind of  ‘health check’ for a building’s condition to make sure that is stable and safe to occupy. In general, the client will request to do a building checking when they face some issues such as defects, hazards, improvement needs, or for requirement periodic inspection.

The process of the building checking starts with the site visit where our team will inspect the building and surroundings first. Activities such as photo taking, video recording, measurement any defects, and collect any data and information from the person in charges such as drawings and plans. 

After that, our team will evaluate the information and produce a detailed report with defect score for building condition and recommendation. The presentation can be done based on client’s needs.

The scope of building condition assessment are focus on building structure.


  1. We will do a  site visit first to check the surrounding site and building condition (paid)
  2. We will give the client a simple report & simple quotation (if the client is interested in proceeding with BCA, the next process is below)
  3. We will give a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) & the client needs to pay 50% payment
  4. We will come out with a work program. Our team will do a visual inspection and the client needs to prepare some documents such as drawings or plan building for smoothing our visual inspection.
  5. We will prepare a report after the fieldwork is done.
  6. If necessary, we will do presentation for the result of the inspection building.
  7. The client needs to pay the balance of payment after we submit the report.